KorNails Art

"I believe in manicures… I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls," said Audrey Hepburn, of the fact that a perfectly polished nail makes us feel instantly more chic, pulled together and confident.

KorNails Art is nail salon based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and its the place entirely dedicated to nail care and nail treatments. Given just the name, we had complete creative freedom over the branding. We started with exploration into colours, photographic backgrounds and tones that created an eye catching, vibrant. and colourful visual style. The pattern as well as the logo became a significant part of the brand. Nail polish bottles outline has been gently incorporated within the logo in

 a way of which it replaces the letter ‘l’ in word ,KorNails’. A combination of colours, shapes and display fonts are all remaining a beauty field giving an intentional outcomes. Business cards were also a priority to the client. They future a new element which is a shortened version of the logo, highlighting only the first letter of the brand name. Having this gives a flexibility to use either version as appropriate. To boost awareness, a facebook page and other promotional materials was created with same themes as the business cards.

'Magdalena is very smart, talented and highly creative designer and artist. It is convenient to work with her, I am always amazed when I send her a request how quickly she responds and with such great eye for detail. She always goes the extra mile to give me a wider range of choice. I would definitely recommend Magdalena to anyone looking for a graphic designer.' — KorNails Art

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