Live Creative

‘Live Creative’ is the product that will change your life forever. This is a product proposal for the next smart-watch generation. The futuristic interpretation aims to improve life in the next decade. The application has been designed by MC Creative Studio to meet the needs of all age groups and cultures.

Smart Watch Alert App…

‘Live Creative’ is a contemporary calendar incorporating a selection of streamlined, innovative futures for both the Android and iOS operating systems. The app contains a host of new features which have been developed based exclusively on customer feedback. ‘Live Creative’ will help you enjoy and control your life as never before.

As an innovative problem solving tool, the app was primarily designed for people from the creative industries. However, it has now been extended by adding indispensible options for everyone, from travel, managing health issues such as diabetes, to sports participation and appreciation. 

The Smart-Watch Application improves the quality of our everyday lives in many ways. The user-friendly interface, playfully designed icons, and easy to follow application works seamlessly for all users, and is fully customizable for the needs of anyone.

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