MC Creative Studio is a contemporary graphic design studio which specializes in brand identity, graphics & web design, advertising and printed promotional material. We already have a wide range of clients, large and small, throughout the UK and internationally, but are seeking to work with new clients to develop your company image, expand your audience with unique designs, and promote your company vision.

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MC Creative Studio has developed from small beginnings to provide exceptional services to help brands and businesses connect with their audience through functional and aesthetically beautiful design. We produce intelligent and creative solutions that communicate your message in a clear and precise manner. The latest communication tools help us stay seamlessly connected with you, so distance will never be a barier





Whether you're launching a start-up business and require a new brand and website, or looking for a complete refresh of your existing brand - we can help bring your next project to life. We are committed to maintaining the quality of service, attention to detail and 100% customer satisfaction.


A strong brand is the number one priority to make your company stand out from the competition. Researching and defining the brand is key to success, and an area where MC Creative Studio excels. Your brand is fundamental to your marketing communication in whatever form it takes. It lives in the hearts and minds of customers - the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence and some of which you cannot.




memorable brand can make the difference between success and failure. There are many ways we can help make your business a success. From art and technology to fashion and finance, we serve an eclectic range of clients that demand innovative design. Whatever your design needs, MC Creative Studio is a one-stop shop for you and your business.

Magdalena Ciesla Founder & Creative Director

Magdalena specialises in many forms of graphic design for both online and print platforms. These include brand identity, creative advertising, user interface, signage, print design and much more.


She’s a firm believer in the power of design to drive innovation and loves nurturing ideas that lead to beautiful and intelligent designs. Her favourite part of the job is finding an unexpected, but just-right, solution for a client. Magdalena enjoys trying new sports (wakeboarding, anyone?). When she’s not designing, you’ll typically find her travelling which gives her an opportunity to interact with new people and cultures. These special connections feed her creative spirit.



excellence is a key

Why Us

Professional Services

MC Creative Studio specializes in providing professional graphic design services for small to medium size businesses to make your company's name stand out in today’s competitive market. Bespoke graphic designs create an effective brand identity for your company, making your business recognisable, memorable and trustworthy.

Passionate about Helping

Our mission is to help brands and businesses to connect with their audience through intelligent, bespoke, and aesthetically beautiful designs that communicate your message in a clear and precise manner. MC Creative Studio will help you to grow your customer base and increase revenue, taking your business to a new level.

Tailored to Your Budget

We produce high quality design services at an affordable price. We will develop a deep understanding of the values of your company, and then work on designing your identity for a variety of end uses. Only MC Creative Studio will tailor designs to meet your individual needs and make your business flourish.

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